Dr. Ranson Employment Tribunal Judgment

Liberal Vannin is appalled at the behaviour that has been outlined in the Tribunal liability judgment of May 2022 and the way that this element of the Tribunal was handled by government, as set out in the final Tribunal decision. No one should have to experience these unprofessional and inappropriate behaviours.

We note that those directly involved in the decisions and treatment of Dr Ranson have since left government employment and the Minister for DHSC at the time, David Ashford MHK, quite rightly resigned from his role as Treasury Minister in the current administration. Whilst we welcome the action taken by Government after the initial liability judgment, we agree that the final Tribunal award must not be the end of this process.

The issues raised by Dr Ranson around the handling of Covid-19 by the Isle of Man Government remain unaddressed and it is absolutely imperative that the independent review into the Government handling of the Covid-19 pandemic proceeds with its investigation at pace, with the full support of Tynwald.

This case has further reinforced our belief that a more open approach to government and public administration is called for and long overdue. To this end Liberal Vannin calls on Government to ensure that events leading up to the Tribunal liability decision are properly and independently investigated.