Irish Sea Natural Gas Reserves

As a member organisation of the Isle of Man Climate Change Coalition, Liberal Vannin broadly supports the Coalition’s recently announced position on Gas Exploration and Extraction in Manx Waters:

Update from Climate Change Coalition steering group (

Liberal Vannin has no objection in principle to exploratory research into mineral and other resources within the Island’s jurisdiction, we believe that the recent extension to Crogga’s licence does Crogga an injustice. It signals a willingness by the government to consider licensing extraction, which we believe is wrong at this time.Liberal Vannin believes that any undeveloped gas or other fossil fuel reserves yet to be discovered or proven should remain where they are, unexploited. At least unless and until future technological advances allows commercial use on a net zero basis, i.e. without contributing to a net increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

We therefore call, on government to confirm this as part of its Island Plan. This Plan should also include the commissioning of a report into how the Pulrose gas-fired power station will be replaced during the 2030s and the drawing up an agreement to commission a second Interconnector for electricity supply with the UK