Liberal Vannin is proud to be an Island Biosphere partner organisation and discussed environment policy at our recent Annual General Meeting.

We believe that it is essential that the Isle of Man Government actively works to ensure that the Island retains its Unesco Biosphere status by:

  1. Increased promotion of Unesco Biosphere Isle of Man, with greater emphasis on explaining the criteria on which we gained and will retain Biosphere status, alongside the successes / positive outcomes.
  2. Working with the Manx Wildlife Trust and other organisations in the sector to deliver conservation goals, especially our participation in the Rainforest project with partners in the UK.
  3. Protecting and enhancing our part of the global biosphere. This contributes to the wellbeing of us all and helps attract visitors to the Island.
  4. Resisting development on greenfield sites, with a presumption against, and a ‘biosphere’ planning gain tax imposed on developers in instances where development is granted.
  5. Reviewing our listed buildings protocols and management with more grant assistance for owners to help with their preservation.
  6. Reviewing our designated conservation areas, with particular emphasis on Castletown and Peel. Manx National Heritage’s proposals for the Nautical Museum area in Castletown to re-site the Peggy should be considered in this light within a wider strategy for Castletown. Both Castle Rushen and Peel Castle need a long-term strategy for conservation and re-interpretation.
  7. Increasing government support for the Queen’s Pier restoration in Ramsey, with a view to completion by the end of 2030.
  8. Reviewing the Island’s sewage system to take account of planned urban development and further restrict the discharge of effluent into our bays and rivers.
  9. Recognising that the proposed extraction of natural gas from Manx waters sends a negative signal to Unesco, investors in the Island and our residents, as we move towards our net zero goals. Liberal Vannin will continue to oppose this extraction plan by Crogga, unless and until carbon capture projects prove to be sustainable and cost-effective.
  10. Supporting the Manx Utilities Authority proposal to construct a 20MW onshore wind turbine farm by 2026, subject to the necessary environmental impact assessments and robust project management and budget control. We also support longer term proposals for offshore wind and a second interconnector.
  11. Continuing to upgrade the green living grant to help home-owners reduce their fuel costs by improving home insulation and converting from fossil fuel central heating systems.
  12. Supporting kerbside recycling initiatives for all households on the Island.