To Beamans or not to Beamans?

Paul Weatherall, Liberal Vannin Candidate for MHK in Ayre & Michael, challenges the Government to be more radical, when it considers the Beamans report into the Department of Infrastructure.

He awarded the report a B- for effort in meeting CoMin’s expectations but said it amounted to rearranging the deckchairs, rather than attempting to deliver real change in culture and performance.

It follows similar reports into Health and Education in proposing more layers of management, rather than tackling service provision.

Paul considers that removing many of the DoI’s functions should be considered, leaving a lean management team to develop policy and provide a clear strategy for the Island on issues like Housing and Power Generation. “The proposal for DoI to report to the Treasury’s Strategic Asset & Capital Investment Committee (SACIC) is absolutely the wrong approach”, Paul added. Treasury itself is in need of fundamental reform and is acquiring too much control of government strategy and policy.

He said: “Whatever the final outcome, it should be the next administration that takes these decisions, not the current Minister / CoMin.”

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