We have a Plan!

Liberal Vannin are holding a public discussion on the newly announced Draft Island Plan – 2021-GD-0085.pdf (tynwald.org.im)

To be held at 7.30pm, on Monday, November 22nd at the Manx Legion Club, Douglas.

Workshop groups will focus on the 5 core strands in the plan:

Building great communities;

An Island of health and wellbeing;

A strong and diverse economy;

An environment we can be proud of;

Outstanding lifelong learning and development opportunities for all.

This meeting is open to all and will inform Liberal Vannin’s response to the Government’s Draft Plan on what we would like to see in the final version.

Paul Weatherall, Liberal Vannin Chair, in announcing this meeting said:

“ Liberal Vannin welcomes the opportunity to contribute positively to this Island Plan. Among the improvements that we’d like to see included in the final version are: a Youth Strategy; a re-focused Animal Welfare Bill; more emphasis placed on government being open and transparent in the way it conducts its business; and improving productivity and value for money across departments and agencies. We also note that there’s no mention of Government working in partnership with local authorities in meeting these Island-wide objectives.

We look forward to seeing more focused objectives and clear targets across all areas of government (especially in relation to Housing and Climate Change), so we can measure Government performance over the next 5 years.”