Liberal Vannin attending the Royal Agricultural Show

Liberal Vannin are looking forward to welcoming Royal Agricultural Show visitors to our stand on Friday, August 13th and Saturday, August 14th.

You can find out all about the Party, what we stand for and meet our MHK candidates. Some thoughts on the rural economy and climate change issues can be found at:

Paul Weatherall, MHK Candidate for Ayre & Michael on the Rural & ‘Blue’ Economy – Liberal Vannin

Paul Weatherall, MHK Candidate for Ayre & Michael on Climate Change – A Green New Deal – Liberal Vannin

Lawrie Hooper, MHK and candidate for Ramsey, Michael Josem, candidate for Douglas East and Paul Weatherall, candidate for Ayre & Michael will be in attendance to talk to constituents and anyone interested in joining or supporting Liberal Vannin.

We have produced the leaflet below, which will be available as a hand-out on the Liberal Vannin stand, along with other literature.

Hope to see you there.