Manx Public to Question Legislative Council Candidates on Monday 9 March

  • Meeting is open to the public at no charge
  • All Legislative Council candidates have been invited to face the public
  • Liberal Vannin is hosting the only public question and answer session for Legislative Council Candidates

The Liberal Vannin Party is giving all people of the Isle of Man the opportunity to directly question prospective Legislative Council candidates before their appointment by the House of Keys. Any member of the public will be able to question the candidates.

WHAT:            Legislative Council Public Questions and Answers
DATE:             Monday, 9 March, 2020
TIME:              7.30pm – 9.30pm
WHERE:         Manx Blind Welfare Society, Corrin Court, Heywood Ave, Onchan
RSVP: Michael Josem on +447624488557 or

“Members of the public have the moral right to question prospective members of the Legislative Council. While it is unfortunate that members of the public cannot vote to elect these politicians, Liberal Vannin is creating an opportunity for members of the public to directly question these prospective politicians. Anyone is welcome to come along and raise the issues that they feel strongly about and put their questions directly to the candidates.”

Michael Josem, Chair of Liberal Vannin

Meeting Format

Members of the public will be able to raise the issues that they feel strongly about – and hear directly from the candidates for the Legislative Council.

  • Each prospective candidate will be given two minutes to introduce themselves.
  • Members of the public will be able to ask a short question (or invite a response to a comment) from any or all candidates, with each answer limited to two minutes.
  • Media outlets are welcome to record and/or broadcast the event in whole or in part.

This event is not sponsored or endorsed by the Manx Blind Welfare Society (MBWS). MBWS is not involved in the organisation of the event, and no MBWS funds are being spent on this event. Liberal Vannin is renting the MBWS space at ordinary arms-length rates. This event is fully funded by Liberal Vannin, and no taxpayer money is being used for this event.