The draft Island Plan is too focused on process

Liberal Vannin held a public meeting in November to consider the government’s draft Island Plan

The resulting conclusion was that the draft plan is too focused on process, instead of delivery of service improvements to meet residents’ needs and our aspirations . The final version should demonstrate how central government intends to work with local authorities to improve service delivery throughout the Island and how government plans to deliver improved outcomes for people over the next five years. We want to see targets to be achieved within the lifetime of this administration, so that they can be held to account at the next general election in 2026.

For example:

Health and Wellbeing:

Reducing waiting lists for people requiring diagnosis and treatment;

Increasing opportunities for health professionals to qualify and receive in-service training on-Island;

Commitment to permanently set the Manx Living Wage as the Legal Minimum Wage by 2025/26;

Improve State Pensions and Benefits in proportion to the Manx Living Wage.


Reducing waiting lists for social housing;

Increased numbers helped to purchase their first home;

Targets for numbers of homes meeting up-to-date energy efficiency standards;


Increased support provided for children with special needs;

Targeted support for apprenticeships / higher education and opportunities for re-training to meet identified skills gaps.

Climate Change:

Commissioning renewable energy generating capacity;

Deciding on how the Pulrose gas-fired power station will be replaced;

Setting a target for the number of existing homes to be converted from fossil fuel heating systems;

We welcome the government consulting on their draft Island Plan and hope that they will take full cognisance of this submission from Liberal Vannin and deliver a plan that is socially just and fair, in an open and transparent manner.