Election Feedback

Candidates at the last general election have been invited to give feedback on their experience to the Cabinet Office’s election team.

Liberal Vannin has submitted the following response on behalf of our four candidates: : Lawrie Hooper (Ramsey); Michael Josem (Douglas East);  Paul Weatherall (Ayre & Michael); Peter Willers (Onchan).

Voter Turnout

We believe a number of factors could improve voter turnout in future elections:

1.      More public meetings. Ayre & Michael  had 6 public meetings for all candidates, in addition to the two organised by the media. Turnout was the highest of any constituency.

2.      Having the election at the weekend, rather than on a weekday

3.      Ensuring that all  secondary schools and UC Isle of Man provide opportunities for candidates to meet students.

4.      Allowing voters to vote at any polling station.

5.      Making it easier to obtain a Postal Vote, with online registration and removing the need for a separate form for each constituency.

Election Regulations

There was some confusion on final nomination day regarding the position of Election Agents for candidates representing political parties, and we understand legal advice was required with only an hour or two before the deadline. We propose that election regulations are amended so that:

1.      Candidates representing a political party are not required to have the same election agent, whether or not they are officially listed by a party.

2.      Nomination forms should require a signature from a designated party official to indicate that a candidate is an approved party representative.

3.      Designated officials from political parties should be entitled to receive free copies of all electoral registers (as in the UK).

4.      Nomination Forms for Local Authority elections should allow candidates to indicate that they are representing political parties.

Conduct of  Election

1.      It was noted that in some instances ballot boxes were not adequately sealed.

2.      Enforcing the regulations regarding the conduct of Tellers at polling stations was inconsistent.

3.      Enforcing the regulations regarding declaration of responsibility for printed and online promotional materials was non existent.

4.      Declarations of Interests and Election Expenses for all candidates should be published online as they are made.