Our thoughts are with all those on the Island with family and friends in Ukraine – and Russia. May peace and stability be restored quickly, with Putin and his entourage paying a heavy price for this unwarranted incursion and unacceptable aggression.

Liberal Vannin supports the government in following the UK’s request to impose sanctions against named individuals and organisations associated with Vladimir Putin’s assault on Ukraine, in line with internationally co-ordinated agreements.

Given that the UK and its NATO allies are considering additional, more wide-ranging sanctions against Russia, we call on the Isle of Man Government to start the process of divesting from relevant Russian and Belarus based assets. In line with our general policy on refugees, we also call on our government to participate In any UK scheme to accept refugees from Ukraine, in proportion to the Island’s population.

The Isle of Man has limited influence on the world stage, but Liberal Vannin believes that it is critical that we should take assertive action, where we can, to demonstrate our unequivocal support for the people of Ukraine in their existential battle against aggression from Putin’s Russia. We believe that it will also further embolden those Russian citizens who oppose the war to stand up and be counted.