Viewpoint – By Peter Karran

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2. The Island’s Exclusive Economic Zone – EEZ

Every maritime nation has the right of an Exclusive Economic Zone up to the median line to the adjacent country that covers the sea up to 200 miles. Obviously, the island would have a median line between the Irish Republic and the United Kingdom.

As we are classed as an administrative area under the United Kingdom by the United Nations, a responsible Island government is supposed to make sure that the administrator of the area, i.e. the UK, does not end up taking advantage. As a quasi-independent jurisdiction, not only has the UK got no right to our EEZ but also they have a legal responsibility under international law to ensure that we have those rights.

Given the fact that the UK has already claimed the 200 nautical mile EEZ for the Falkland Islands, they can hardly not hand over the responsibility for our EEZ to the Manx government. What is our government doing about it, other than roll over?