Viewpoint – by Peter Karran

Founder member of Liberal Vannin, Peter Karran gives his views on topics that takes his fancy in this regular column for our website

1: Raising Revenue through an Island Patent Office

The need for new economic engines based on a sound and sustainable economic basis has never been more important. One of the issues that I would like to see is the development of a patent office on Mann either as a sub-branch of the UK office or in our own right. We are part of the international agreements that will allow us to be able to do this.

I’d like our Department of Enterprise to consider one of the problems that inventors have – defending their patent. We should allow for a special status patent on the island as part of taking an equity stake in the intellectual property. The Manx patent would defend that from exploitation by others.

Hopefully trying to find other economic activity away from the dodge, diddle and fiddler economy. Obviously, the City of London is going to be overtaken, with brexit being such a mess and the downturn in the economy in the UK. I hope Liberal Vannin MHKs will take up this idea after the election in September.