Potty Talk

Liberal Vannin is concerned at the continuing inability of the MUA to deal with the unacceptable state of our sewage treatment on the Island. Particularly regarding the continuing discharge of raw sewage into our rivers and sea bathing areas.

The MUA have come up with new solutions for Laxey and Peel, but we have been here before and these proposals still anticipate an unacceptable number of annual overspill discharges of effluent into Laxey Bay (an estimated 30 during each official bathing season). The same is true for Peel, which is further exacerbated by the effluent including pcbs (polychlorinated biphenyls).

The sewage system for Douglas is also totally inadequate, with regular discharge into the river from the overflow adjacent to the Tesco car park.

Millions of pounds have been spent on our IRIS scheme, with the usual lack of strategic planning, project management and political oversight. The Island deserves better. Our beaches deserve better. Our children deserve a better future. Sadly, we’re continually asked to hold our breath.